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As an immigration law firm in Minnesota, Tarshish Cody PLC and attorney Diana Carolina Walker provide legal representation in various immigration matters for businesses and individuals. With respected credentials and relevant experience, Diana Carolina Walker assists her clients in navigating the complex and emotionally draining immigration process. Ms. Walker understands the immigration courts and the need for strong legal representation. Contact Diana Carolina Walker now at 612.888.0097612.888.0097. En Español


“Carolina helped make my family whole by helping with the petition paperwork for my father-in-law.”Family-Based Petition Client
“Ms. Walker took care of my work permit application and made the whole thing a piece of cake.  I could get to work without any hassles.  Thank you!”Work Permit Client
“Ms. Walker was so important with the naturalization process I went through.  She is very understanding and didn’t get annoyed with my family’s many questions!  I would recommend her to everyone I know needing assistance from an immigration lawyer.”Satisfied Immigration Client

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