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As an appellate law firm handling civil and criminal appeals in Minnesota, Tarshish Cody, PLC provides representation in appeals ranging from all types of appellate law representation. With an aggressive approach and an attention to detail, our attorneys assist clients with appealing decisions and giving hope to clients who come to us with a feeling that all has been lost. Our team understands the appeals process, and the complexities involved, and the need for strong legal representation during this critical time. Contact Tarshish Cody at 952.300.6045952.300.6045, or his staff at 612-548-1529612-548-1529.


“Scott & Will killed it at trial, within the first three hours when the other side’s star witness and medical expert was called up to testify. It was out of a movie, quite frankly. Since we first retained Scott & Will, they won and continued all the way to trial until it was a landslide victory. Thank you for believing me, and for never giving up! Thank you, forever.”Stacy B.
“I thought about giving up after the court found against me. I was so glad I spoke to Mr. Cody  before the deadline to appeal passed. He took the time to review my case and told me what I needed to hear. I hope I never have to use his services again, but he will be the first person I call.”A Grateful Client
“Scott [Cody] fought hard to appeal my case and he did a great job representing me. He knew the law and how it applied to my case and he argued exactly how I wanted him to for the Court of Appeals to overturn the District Court’s decision.”Client Who Appealled Court Order
“Luckily I spoke to the attorneys at Tarshish Cody law firm, after the district court messed up my case. They actually helped me and pointed me in the right direction.”James D.

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