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Confidentiality agreements are a type of contract, often entered into between employees and employers, that helps to protect against potentially damaging disclosures of non-public information. Certain industries or businesses may mandate that their employees enter into such agreements as a term of employment.. Confidentiality agreements address specific types of disclosures that is prohibited during or after the employment relationship.

While it may be customary in your industry to sign a confidentiality agreement, you should go over the terms of the contract with an experienced employment attorney who will help to ensure that you do not sign away important rights. The attorneys at Tarshish Cody are also able to work with you to craft a custom-tailored agreement that will suit your business’ needs and avoid the pitfalls that often surface when generic one-size-fits-all contracts are used. Our attorneys work with our clients to plan for the common problems that arise when employing nondisclosure agreements.

What is an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)?

Confidentiality agreements can also be called non-disclosure agreements and they address restrictions on dissemination of types of information. Confidentiality agreements often address the following:

  • Trade Secrets
  • Business/Marketing Plans
  • Technology
  • Patents/Intellectual Property
  • Financial Disclosures
  • Client Lists

If you’re involved in business, you may have experience dealing with confidentiality agreements. They serve an essential purpose of protecting a company’s interests from employees who may intentionally or unintentionally disclose protected information.

If you feel like a party may have breached a non-disclosure agreement any way, then you may want to take legal action. With the state of technology, one disgruntled employee can cause incalculable damages to her employer or former employer. Large amounts of sensitive information can be taken from a workplace, copied, and posted online for consumption by competitors, clients, and anyone else in the general public.

Minnesota Confidentiality Agreement Lawyer

You have a choice whether or not to enter into a nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement. Before you agree to be bound by an agreement that may significantly impact your rights, consult one of the experienced attorneys at Tarshish Cody. By working with an attorney initially, you can avoid many of the common problems and regrets that occur when people blindly sign away their rights.

The business attorneys at Tarshish Cody have the experience to help you negotiate the legal realm of any confidentiality agreements in which you may be engaged or contemplating. Call us today to learn more about confidentiality agreements at 952-361-5556(or fill out the free case evaluation form below).

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