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It is possible to qualify as a permanent resident and apply for a Green Card without leaving the U.S. through an Adjustment of Status procedure. The applicant for an Adjustment of Status also applies for a work permit {EAD}, and when eligible, a Travel Permit {Advance Parole}. In order to qualify for an Adjustment of Status, it is required the applicant have entered into the U.S. legally, and has no record of immigration status violations.

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Section 245(i) provides that certain applicants with old priority dates can pay a penalty fee and apply for an Adjustment of Status, even if they entered into the U.S. illegally, violated, or overstayed their immigration status requirements.

Section 245(k) allows applicants who are petitioning for an employment-based visa to apply for an Adjustment of Status providing the applicant has not fallen out of status compliance for over 180 days since applicant’s most recent admission into the U.S.

Also, immediate relatives of U.S. citizens {parents, children} who have lawfully entered into the U.S. may petition for an Adjustment of Status even if they worked without authorization or if they overstayed their visa status without paying a penalty fee.

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