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Form I-765 is the method for obtaining a work permit or Employment Authorization Document (EAD). There are 40 categories of status that qualify for this petition. Adjustment of Status aliens who seek temporary protected status, and spouses of those in the E-1, E-2, L-1A, or L-1B status, etc. Federal Regulations at 8 C.F.R § 274a.12 explain eligibility for an EAD. There are no employer restrictions and EAD recipients can change jobs anytime.

The EAD card is about the size of a credit card, containing personal information, the alien number and expiration date. The EAD card may include an Advance Parole which says “Valid for Re-Entry to the U.S.” and it permits international travel with return to the U.S.

There is an updated EAD document, I-766, which is a card issued to those aliens who have received authorization to temporarily work in the U.S. The existing EAD, I-688B remains valid during the phase in. Those aliens who are restricted by work to only a single employer continue to receive authorization on Form I-94.

Aliens who have temporary work authorization may present a List A document for verification with an employer. It establishes employment eligibility and identity. Employers must continue to confirm eligibility, file the I-9, and avoid discrimination during hiring, although they are only required to use these documents listed above for verification. The I-766 form has security features such as holograms, which are visible in ordinary light, but appear depending on varying angles and lighting condition. The Statue of Liberty and “U.S.A,” and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service are imbedded in the card face. Less obvious holograms are a map of the U.S., and “INS.”  The back of the card has a number and bar code at the top, with a rough feel. There micro printing which is light blue printing surrounding the INS Seal, with dark printing around “Employment Authorization Card.”

The card’s front has the alien’s name, date of birth, and INS #. The work expiration date is at the card bottom. Any restrictions for employment are listed under Terms and Conditions. If none, the word “none” appears.

In certain circumstances, the card may not bear a fingerprint. When it does not, the words “fingerprint not available” will appear on the right side of the face of the card. The card’s edge has a thin red stripe, appearing to sandwich a red filler center.

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