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The criteria that qualifies a person to be eligible for political asylum in the United States is that they (the applicant) has to be able to demonstrate that they have a true, and well-founded fear of persecution if you remain in your country. In order to apply, you must go through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or if the situation calls for it, stand before an an immigration Judge.

In order to prove that you have a true, and well-founded fear of persecution in your homeland, you need to be able to prove that this fear comes from either the government, or a group that the government is unable to or unwilling to control.

At this point you need to submit the I-589 form, fortunately there is no filing fee for this form. Along with this form you should submit proper evidence such as a detailed affidavit, as well as human rights reports, proof of threats, newspaper articles specific to the situation, and any other documents supporting your fears.

If your case has made its way to immigration court, it is important that you consider obtaining the services of an expert witness. This is a great way to have the state of your country verified. This expert should be able to testify as to whether or not you would be subject to persecution should you return.

You should apply for political asylum within the first year that you are in the United States. While there are exceptions, this is the general rule to follow.

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