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The EB2 Exceptional Ability Visa grants permanent residency and a Green Card. To qualify, a prospective immigrant to the U.S. must show an exceptional ability in the arts, business, or sciences. There is also a requirement that the applicant has a current job offer of employment in the U.S.

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General Information – Exceptional Ability

The petitioner in addition to the requirements already noted must provide at least 3 of the following:

  • Official academic records confirming a certificate, degree, diploma, etc. from an accredited institution of learning related to the skills of the petitioner.
  • A letter from an employer attesting that the petitioner has a minimum of ten years full time experience in the occupation in which (s)he is claiming expertise.
  • Proof of license to practice in the designated profession or occupation.
  • Proof that the petitioner has received payment or remuneration demonstrating exceptional abilities.
  • Evidence that the petitioner has a membership in a professional organization; or
  • Evidence of achievement and important contributions in the industry as recognized by peers, a government institution, or professional organization.

If a petitioner is unable to provide the required proof of exceptional abilities, an employer may submit similar evidence that establishes these abilities.

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