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Tarshish Cody PLC attorneys represent global managers and executives who are associated with start-up businesses in the United States. This category of prospective visa applicants are exempt from the PERM labor certification regime. Personal circumstances vary, which makes it important to discuss the options available with our attorneys. Call 952-361-5556 for a free initial consultation.

Visa applicants who may qualify under the L-1A visa can work for foreign corporations, or be under transfer into the U.S. To qualify, multinational managers and executives must have an employment history in an executive or managerial status during at least one of the most recent three years. This employment must be with the current employer, affiliate, or subsidiary. At the present time there is no backlog of applicants under the L-1A visa application. This application is considered a nonimmigrant visa, and has other special benefits and advantages our attorneys can explain.

An applicant claiming multinational executive or manager status must:

  • Be in a position of authority in the organization or direct a major component or function of that organization.
  • Be in a policy-making position of the organization, or create policy for a component or function of that organization.
  • Have authority with broad discretion as to decision making; and
  • Be subject to only broad supervision by higher level executives, such as a board of directors, or stockholders within the organization.
  • A petitioner for the L-1A visa must qualify as a multinational manager by:
  • Managing an organizational division, department, function or component
  • Supervising and controlling other managers, supervisors, or organizational managers. Alternatively, the petitioner may manage personally an essential function, subdivision, or department within the organization.
  • Having authority to recommend for promotion and other personnel-related actions, organizational employees, and have the authority to hire and fire supervised employees; and
  • Exercising control over day to day operations involving supervised employees.

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