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The United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) has employment based categories for immigrants wishing to acquire permanent residency status. These categories involve a labor certification process (PERM) with certain employer job offer requirements. However, an immigrant applicant who believes his or her employment is considered to be in the “national interest,” can apply for a waiver of these employment requirements. Our immigration attorneys at Tarshish Cody PLC can schedule a free initial consultation to discuss this option.

For those who qualify for an EB-2 visa application category {workers holding advanced degrees and persons with exceptional ability in arts, sciences, or business}, the labor certification process requirement involves the sponsorship by a potential employer and confirmation of many details of the job offer. A waiver can set aside the labor certification process (PERM). PERM means “Program Electronic Review Management.”

The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service issued a decision referred to as the New York State Department of Transportation case that established three distinct requirements for an application to meet the National Interest waiver requirements. Our attorneys at Tarshish Cody PLC can assist the waiver applicant in determining if the “national interest” waiver is a possible option.

An applicant for an EB-2 waiver is typically granted to an applicant with exceptional ability who would contribute significantly to the U.S. national interests. An immigrant applicant who possesses the work skills to qualify for a “national interests” waiver should discuss this option with our law firm, Tarshish Cody PLC.

There are three requirements that must be met to qualify for the waiver. These involve licenses, degrees, professional recognition and affiliations, etc. There are priorities for physicians who will be practicing in medically-underserved geographical areas in the U.S. or for the Veterans Administration. Call our attorneys at Tarshish Cody PLC for a free initial consultation now. We welcome your call today at 952-361-5556 (or fill out the free case evaluation form below) to help you through the legal issues of your national interest waivers case.

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