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Religious workers who wish to apply for permanent residency immigration to the United States may do so under the USCIS ED-4 (fourth preference) visa category. Tarshish Cody PLC law firm can assist you in the application process with a free initial consultation. Here are a few helpful points to determine if you may qualify in this visa (green card) category.

You may be eligible for a Green Card (form I-360) if:

  • You can demonstrate membership in a religious denomination (and non-profit) for at least the past two years;
  • You have continuously been employed in the most recent two year period as a religious minister and your employment involved a religious vocation or occupation. This work may be either professional or non-professional.
  • You will be in the U.S. for the sole purpose of engaging in a religious occupation that is the same as your employer’s denomination.

Requirements to qualify in the EB-4 category of special immigrant religious worker, include one of the following types of work in the most recent two years:

A functioning minister or priest of the designated religious denomination

Working in a specifically religious occupation for a designated religious organization or its affiliate (Note: “religious vocation/occupation” means a commitment to a religious life. For instance, taking vows can be one form of vocation. A religious occupation is work in support of a designated religion’s traditional functions, such as: missionary, cantor, or instructor.)

An attorney with Tarshish Cody PLC law firm can assist you in making an application for this religious worker visa status. Call our religious worker immigration attorney at 952-361-5556.

Our law firm will help you with the application procedures. They require that you or your employer submit USCIS Form I-360 to the USCIS Regional Service Center serving the area where you will be working.

Call our attorneys at Tarshish Cody PLC for a free initial consultation at 952-361-5556.

In addition, you must provide confirmation that your religious organization meets the eligibility requirements for a non-profit.

An official document originating with the religious organization within the U.S. that confirms you have been affiliated with the religious organization for the most recent two years, and also:

You have a minimum of two years’ experience in your declared religious vocation or occupation.

For applicants who are a minister, the document should confirm you have been so authorized.

For applicants who are a religious professional, the document should confirm that you have attained a baccalaureate degree in the U.S. or the foreign equivalent as mandated for your religious profession. You must include supporting documents confirming your academic record.

You provide proof that the religious organization qualifies as a non-profit organization.

In the event you wish to work in another religious vocation or occupation, the document should confirm that you have the qualifications necessary. For instance, if you are seeking to work as a monk or a nun, you would need to provide evidence that you are qualified by prior experience.

In the event that you seek work in the U.S. in a non-professional or non-ministerial status with a denomination with a religious affiliation, the document should confirm how the denomination and religious organization are affiliated.

The document should describe how exactly you will be engaged in the work of a minister, or if you are working in a professional or some other religious capacity, then how you will be paid. Also, the document should confirm that you are not dependent upon income from some supplementary source such as a second job or charity.

Our Tarshish Cody PLC attorneys will assist you in applying for a visa as a religious worker. We welcome your call today at 952-361-5556 (or fill out the free case evaluation form below) to help you through the legal issues of your religious workers case.

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