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U.S. citizens who have immediate relatives that wish to petition for permanent residency can expect to complete the process in less than one year. Immediate relatives are parents, children, and spouses of U.S. citizens. An immediate relative child is under the age of 21 and unmarried. As long as the U.S. citizen parent files the I-130 petition prior to the immediate child’s 21st birthday, regardless of how long the visa application takes, the child’s age will remain the same age as the date of filing. Attorneys at the law firm of Tarshish Cody PLC can help explain these rules for all petitioner circumstances, including applications involving step children or adopted children. The sponsoring U.S. citizen who is the child of an immediate relative parent, must have reached 21 years of age.

For those whose marriage is under two years in length and who apply for a Green Card under the I-130 visa program, the term of permanent residency granted is a term of two years.

Beginning on or after the date a U.S. citizen files the I-130 form, the immigrant must file form I-485, and take care that the U.S. citizen’s form I-130 is pending or approved.

When the immediate relative of a U.S. citizen resides outside of the U.S. the alien relative qualifies to become a permanent resident via consular processing. This is accomplished by the Department of State scheduling an immigrant visa interview subsequent to the USCIS approval of the citizen I-130 petition. Upon admission into the United States, the immediate relative is recognized as a permanent resident. The U.S. Department of State informs applicants when to apply for an immigration visa, and if the time period after notice exceeds one year, the petition is subject to termination.

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