Minnesota Green Cards For Unmarried Children of US Citizens


Unmarried children of U.S. citizens are eligible for Green Cards. Grandchildren under the age of 21 may also petition for Green Cards. Unmarried children, (never married, divorced, or widowed) are not an exclusion from this option. A U.S. citizen can file Form, I-130, and include proof of U.S. citizenship, plus evidence of a parental relationship.

This is a first preference category which limits petitioners annually to 23,400. Because there are nearly 300,000 petitioners waiting, the process can take up to 8 years. Certain countries, such as the Philippines and Mexico, have petitioner quotas that can increase the wait to up to 20 years.

It is important to have legal guidance available. For example if the names of either parent or children has changed since birth, there is additional information that must be provided. The USCIS will charge fees, review the petition, and if approved the children are scheduled to be interviewed. After the final interview, if all goes well, the children can become legally permanent residents of the U.S.

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