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B-1 Temporary Business Visitor Visa

If you are traveling to the United States for the purpose of partaking in business related activities, you may qualify for a B-1 Temporary Business Visitor Visa.  Business related activities must be considered of a commercial or professional nature.  Activities can include, but are not limited to short-term training, contract negotiations, handling the settlement of an estate, travel for a scientific, educational, professional or business convention, or a conference on specific dates, transiting through the United States, and deadheading.


Applicants for B-1 Business Visas must demonstrate the temporary nature of their visit to the United States.  They must convince the consular officer that:

  1. The purpose of their trip is to enter the United states for business of a legitimate nature
  2. They intend to remain for a specific limited period of time
  3. They have the funds to cover expenses of the trip and their stay in the United States
  4. They have a residence outside of the United States in which they have no intention of abandoning, as well as other binding ties which will ensure their return abroad at the end of the visit
  5. They are otherwise admissible to the United States

Application Process

Applicants should apply at the American Embassy or Consulate with the jurisdiction over their place of permanent residence.  You may choose to apply at the United States Consular Office abroad, however it may be much more difficult to qualify for the B-1 Business Visa outside of your country of residence.   A non-refundable $100 (Us Currency) application fee, plus any reciprocity fee applicable to the applicant’s country may be required along with the application and supporting documents required.  Each American Embassy and Consulate has different rules, procedures, and requirements for their applicants.  It is important to contact the consulate or one of Tarshish Cody’s immigration attorneys directly at 952-361-5556 to obtain more information on the local rules in order to apply for the B-1 visa.

Our immigration attorneys are here to help answer any questions you may have.  For more information regarding the B-1 visa, contact Tarshish Cody at 952-361-5556 (or fill out the free case evaluation form below) to schedule a free consult.

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