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Permanent Residence in the U.S

As soon as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has approved your employers petition for you to be given a green card, you will be given what is called a green card priority date. Because the number of green cards that are given out are numerically limited by category and country, there are sometimes long waits. Depending on what application your employer submitted, your date will be different too. If you employer submitted a PERM application, your priority date is the date that the Labor Department received the complete application and supporting documentation, if there was not PERM application required then your priority date is whenever the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services received the completed visa petition (I-140) form that was filed your behalf.

Once your priority date has arrived, you are able to apply for permanent residence. The majority of people who qualify for permanent residents through their employment are able to apply for green cards without having to leave the country. To do so however, you have to be able to prove to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that you do in fact qualify for INS adjustment of status, and that you do not fall under the umbrella of any categories that might be excluded, such as having been convicted of committing a serious crime.

In the majority of cases your immediate family (children and spouse) are able to apply for green cards at the same time that you are. In the majority of cases there is no interview needed so long as it just an adjustment in their status.

It is important to note that most people who seek permanent and lawful residency through H-1B visas do so with the help of an n attorney. This is a good idea because of the immigration laws and procedures that are involved. While attorneys can be expensive it is extremely important that you be aware of going for the cheapest option. The qualifications and experience that an attorney has is just as important, take the time and shop around for the one that you feel the most confident and comfortable with.

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