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If you are studying within the United States, and are hoping to stay, and work within the country after graduation, it is important to know what your options are after graduation, and how to obtain a temporary work visa (H-1Bs).

One of the first things to be aware of is that if you have been taking part in an F-1 practical training program, it is important to apply for your H-1B temporary work visa early. While it generally only takes 30-60 days for this status change, without applying early you run the risk of having your Employment Authorization Document (I-766) to expire before this status change is approved, terminating your permission to be employed immediately.

According to Immigration Law, H-1B workers are seen as, “specialty occupations” as opposed to professionals. Essentially this umbrella covers the majority of jobs that require a degree, for example physicians, business managers, attorneys, and architects all fall under this title. However, graduates from more broad programs such as social sciences, tend to have more difficulty finding employment that qualifies for H-1B status.

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