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As a consumer protection law firm in Minnesota, Tarshish Cody, PLC and attorney Adam Strauss provides representation in consumer protection matters, including FDCPA Violations, TCPA violations, and other common types of consumer representation. Attorney Adam Strauss aggressively fights for his clients facing harassment from Debt Collectors and Robocalls. Mr. Strauss understands the process and has a strong ability to uncover wrongdoing by debt collectors. Contact Adam Strauss at 651.505.3335651.505.3335, or his staff at 952.361.5556952.361.5556.


“My attorney at Tarshish Cody knew how to quickly make the harassing phone calls stop, and got me money for my hassle. I have referred multiple friends to them.”A Happy FDCPA Client
“I got numerous robocalls from a company that had no reason to be calling me. I told them this countless times yet the calls continued. My attorney was able to get me money for each violation. Hopefully it deters the company from ever doing this to anyone else in the future!”Satisfied TCPA Client

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Can They Repossess My Boat?

If you bought your boat on a loan, the lender will likely have a lien put on the boat title. The lien lasts until the loan balance is fully paid off. If you do not adhere to the terms of your loan, or if you default on your loan, the lender will generally be able […]

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When and How to Freeze Your Credit

What is a credit freeze, and how does it work? A credit freeze is something that you can do if you want to block your credit reports from being accessible. They provide you with a secret PIN number that you can use if you ever need to apply for credit, so that you can temporarily […]

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Are you getting collection calls for another person’s debt?

Whether called intentionally or by mistake, the most prevalent consumer charges that are received by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are frustrating collection calls for someone other than the person it is intended for. If you are receiving letters or calls from a collector for another person’s debt, you likely aren’t interested in the reason why […]

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