About Traci Vercande

Traci Vercande is an experienced family law attorney licensed in both Minnesota and Iowa. Her ability to empathize with clients allows her to see their legal case both compassionately and objectively. Traci engages with clients who have varied and complex family law issues on both a personal and professional level, taking the time to get know each client, the client’s goals, and details specific to the client’s situation. Each situation is unique, and Traci applies the law with this in mind, tailoring potential solutions specific to each client’s case. She then explains options, discussing what can realistically be achieved and how the law can help obtain the desired outcome. Traci utilizes her skills and compassion for her clients to reduce conflict and resolve cases more effectively and with less stress. 

When she’s not at work, Traci spends her time running with her dog, working out, doing yoga, reading and spending time with family and friends.

CONTACT TRACI VERCANDE:   952-361-5556952-361-5556

About Minnesota Attorney Traci Vercande

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