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The Tarshish Cody law firm and its Consumer Protection Attorneys represent victims of wrongful repossession of property including automobiles. If a creditor accepts late payments for such property, for example a car or truck, the property may not be repossessed without prior written notice to the vehicle owner. These creditors are also prohibited from violating breach of peace ordinances during a repossession. That means they are prohibited from entering a home or garage, or threatening a party. Once a consumer is targeted for illegal repossession, the attorneys at Tarshish Cody PLC will aggressively assert your rights, and pursue claims for damages where appropriate. Our experienced attorneys can investigate a consumer’s specific circumstances and pursue redress or compensation within their legal rights. Call 952-295-3935952-295-3935 to speak with our Wrongful Repossession attorneys or fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form below.


“My attorney at Tarshish Cody knew how to quickly make the lender harrassment stop, and got me money for my hassle. I have referred multiple friends to them.”Karen L.
“Tarshish Cody helped me file a lawsuit against my lender who illegally tried to repossess my car. Thank you so much Tarshish Cody for protecting the regular guys from unethical loan sharks.”Michael S.

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