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Tarshish Cody, PLC and attorney William Siegel proudly serve the Anoka County community. If you are looking for an Anoka County Attorney, you have come to the correct place. Having practiced in Anoka county for more than 20 years, attorney William Siegel is experienced in the Anoka County courtrooms and helped hundreds of clients navigate Anoka County's legal system. Fill out the Free Case Review Form on this page or contact William Siegel at 763.691.9455763.691.9455.


“Mr. Siegel went above and beyond what I expected from an attorney. He was very professional and instructed me clearly on what steps needed to be taken. This was the most valuable money I’ve ever spent. He represented all of my interests and fulfilled all of my expectations without making any promises. He thoroughly cross-examined the opposing party and shut down every argument that was made against me in my case. I am extremely satisfied with his representation.”

Andrew F.
“Will has given me the best help with regards to dealing with some family issues. He is very understanding and his knowledge of law and the court system is second to none.”Another Family Law Client
“Will [Siegel] is an outstanding lawyer. He did an excellent job representing me. He knew my case inside and out and was able to navigate thru the legal system. I would highly recommend him in all family law issues”A Family Law Client
“I had contacted Mr. Siegel about a family law issue (divorce with children involved). He was a very good listener, and he presented himself professionally. He can be aggressive when necessary. He achieved the results I wanted. I would highly recommend Mr. Siegel for any family law issue.”Joe
“Scott & Will killed it at trial, within the first three hours when the other side’s star witness and medical expert was called up to testify. It was out of a movie, quite frankly. Since we first retained Scott & Will, they won and continued all the way to trial until it was a landslide victory. I hugged them both for saving my son’s life. My son has a shot at life now due to your incredible dedication to our extremely complicated case. Thank you for believing me, and for never giving up! Thank you, forever.”Stacy B.
“Dear William & Benjamin, The men, the myths, and the legends! Thank you for saving my butt in the divorce. Thank you also for watching out for my family. Words cannot express my gratitude to you, or the credit you deserve. I owe you both, in a big way, and I pray that God richly blesses you everyday. P.S. The sun shines brighter, and the world is a better place because of you.”Rachel T.

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