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As a divorce and family law firm in Minnesota, Tarshish Cody and attorney William Siegel provide representation in divorces involving marital estates with varying sizes. With strong credentials and experience, William Siegel assists his clients with navigating the daunting and emotionally draining divorce process. Mr. Siegel understands the family law system, challenges families face, and the need for strong legal representation during divorces. Fill out the Free Divorce Case Review Form or contact William Siegel at 952.361.5556952.361.5556.


“Will [Siegel] is an outstanding lawyer. He did an excellent job representing me. He knew my case inside and out and was able to navigate thru the legal system. I would highly recommend him in all family law issues”A Family Law Client
“I had contacted Mr. Siegel about a family law issue (divorce with children involved). He was a very good listener, and he presented himself professionally. He can be aggressive when necessary. He achieved the results I wanted. I would highly recommend Mr. Siegel for any family law issue.”Joe
“Will has given me the best help with regards to dealing with some family issues. He is very understanding and his knowledge of law and the court system is second to none.”Another Family Law Client

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Same-Sex Marriage and How it Affects Quit Claim Deeds (and other Conveyances of Real Property)

The purpose of this article is to discuss the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court on same-sex marriage, dealt with in the case of Obergefell et. al. v. Hodges, Director, Ohio Dept. of Health, et. al. with the recent issued decision on Friday, June 26th, 2015. In its decision, the Supreme Court of the United States […]

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