Additional Sampling of Successful Expungement Cases

by Benjamin Tarshish on May 29, 2024

Below is an additonal sampling of just some of the positive results Attorney Kyle Kosieracki and the law firm Tarshish Cody, PLC were able to achieve for their clients.

State v. B.D.  Carver County.  Petitioner was charged with two gross misdemeanor assaults and convicted of two counts of Disorderly Conduct.  The records related to the convictions had cost the petitioner multiple job opportunities. Attorney Kosieracki’s memorandum of law and oral arguments convinced the court that the extraordinary relief of statutory expungement was appropriate, and B.D. was able to move forward with her life.

State v. L.H.  Winona County.  Statutory expungement of a conviction for 4th Degree Criminal Damage to Property.  After his offense, the petitioner graduated from college with his sights set on medical school.  Although he had never been denied a job or housing based on his conviction, he was concerned that the records might impact his ability to go to medical school.  Attorney Kosieracki worked with L.H. to craft a petition and memorandum of law that persuaded the court to grant a statutory expungement even though he had not yet experienced any adverse consequences due to those records.

State v. E.J.  Hennepin County.  Statutory expungement of a conviction for Gross Misdemeanor Burglary.  The records related to this offense were impacting petitioner’s ability to find a decent job.  Attorney Kosieracki’s carefully crafted arguments convinced the court that the records were of little benefit to society and it granted the petition, which was filed just days after the petitioner qualified under the statute.

State v. C.L.  Clay County.  Attorney Kosieracki persuaded the Clay County County’s Attorney Office to agree to a statutory expungement of an alcohol-related offense. The petitioner was seeking expungement because the records were preventing her from pursuing her dream of being a teacher in Asia.  Due to Attorney Kosieracki’s persistence, he was able to secure a court order for the expungement less than 45 days after he was retained.

State v. A.B.  Hennepin County.  Petitioner was convicted of Gross Misdemeanor Theft, and Attorney Kosieracki filed an expungement petition on her behalf.  Two days before the scheduled expungement hearing date, the prosecutor filed an objection to the petition. The prosecutor sought to admit several pieces of inadmissible evidence and repeatedly misrepresented various aspects of the case.  On short notice, Attorney Kosieracki responded to the objection in writing, pointing out the inadmissibility of the evidence and showing that the prosecution had been less than truthful in its objection. The expungement was granted over the prosecution’s objection.

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