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As a law firm in Minnesota which offers contingency payment terms, Tarshish Cody and attorneys may take on your personal injury case based on a no win, no fee agreement. This means that we receive payment only if you win your lawsuit. With strong credentials and experience, Tarshish Cody attorneys assist their clients with navigating the daunting and emotionally draining process of seeking legal representation due to a personal injury accident. Our lawyers understand the personal injury law system, challenges individuals face when injured, and the need for strong legal representation to advocate for injury victims. Fill out the Free Consultation form above or contact our law firm at 952-361-5556.


“I was so distraught after my accident. I was so glad I spoke to Mr. Tarshish, who helped me understand the process involved in getting help. He took the time to review my case and told me what I needed to hear. I hope I never have to use his services again, but he will be the first person I call.”A Satisfied Client
“Luckily I spoke to the attorneys at Tarshish Cody law firm, after I was injured. They actually helped me and pointed me in the right direction.”Richard L.

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