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The human body can feel 1 milliampere of an electric shock.  The body is at risk of an electrical injury when it is in contact with a jolt of electricity and can result in many different injuries, including:

  • Muscle tears or strains
  • Paralysis / Disability
  • Brain Damage and speech/vision issues
  • Ventricular fibrillation
  • Broken bones
  • Muscle and nerve damage or failure
  • Injury to soft tissue
  • Thermal burns to the contact point on the body which can be painful and permanent

While adults understand the dangers of fallen power lines and electrical outlets, children do not understand when electricity danger is present.  Young children are more at risk of serious electrical injury because of a negligent electrician or because they are a part of an unsafe electrical situation.

Responsibility for Electrical Injury

Electrical injuries suffered from a fallen power line or dangerous chords left unattended can be cause for a personal injury lawsuit and responsible parties could include:

  • An individual
  • The property owner or landlord where the accident took place
  • The condo association or HOA
  • If the incident occurred on the street, at a park or in a public area, the council can be held liable
  • Your workplace
  • An electrical company or contractor if they were negligent
  • If your child is injured outside the home, the daycare or school could be held liable

Electrical injuries can occur at any time and you can suffer serious injury that can cause you to stop working.

At Tarshish Cody, we understand the emotional and financial difficulties one has to go through when suffering from an electrical injury.  Our personal injury attorneys have helped many clients claim compensation to pay for medical costs, pain and suffering and lost wages.

We welcome your call today at 612-808-8999 (or fill out the free Case Evaluation Form) to learn more about your electrical injury and how we can start helping you claim your compensation.


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