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Fractures to the forearm are commonly seen in victims of car accidents or slip and fall accidents.  When the fracture occurs in both the ulna and radius, surgery is required to stabilize the arm because without it, the bones will not heal in alignment properly.

Fractures can be either open or closed.  A fracture that has a puncture at the breaking point is called an open fracture which require immediate treatment by an orthopedic specialist by undergoing a neurological and vascular examination to assess sensory and motor functions and to reduce the chance of infection.

Open fractures are classified on the following criteria:

  • Puncture size
  • Amount of contamination
  • Degree of soft tissue damage
  • Whether adequate bone coverage is present
  • Amount of arterial damage

In most cases however, surgery will reveal the extent of damage in the fracture.

Types of Arm Fractures

Arm fractures are filed under four types:

  • Colles Fracture – also known as a hyperextension injury and is the most common wrist fracture. Both the radius and ulna will show a break across the ends which forces the hand to protrude backward and outward in relation to the wrist.
  • Smith’s Fracture – also known as a hyperflexion injury. The radius heads downward toward the palm.
  • Barton’s Fracture – Typically coupled with a partial wrist displacement, this injury involves the upper part of the radius and the joint surface.
  • Hutchinson Fracture – typically caused by direct trauma to the wrist’s radial side, this involves an isolated fracture of the radial bone.

Rehabilitation for an ulnar radial fracture will depend on the type of fracture and how long the injury needs to be immobilized.  Both physical and occupational therapy may be required as part of the treatment plan.

Physical therapy will be required to alleviate pain while also restoring movement and strength and occupational therapy may be required in dominant arm breaks.

The recovery time for bones to heal is approximately 6 to 12 weeks, however in some serious injuries, healing time could take up to several years.

Tarish Cody PLC is Minnesota’s premier personal injury law firm.  We understand the difficulties many of our clients face with the physical and emotional struggle of recovering from an arm fracture that has resulted in costly medical expenses and forced them out of work.

If you are suffering from an injury that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.  Contact us today at 612-808-8999 (or fill out the free Case Evaluation Form)  and speak to one of our personal injury attorneys to find out how we can assist with your legal needs.


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