Minnesota Wrongful Death of an Elderly Person Attorney

Losing a parent or grandparent, especially at the cost of another person’s negligence, can be excruciatingly painful for the family.  Not only will the wrongful death of an elderly person trigger emotional and financial burdens, but the spouse or children will also suffer from loss of companionship and loss of financial contributions.

Survivors of the deceased elderly may have been reliant on the pension and survivors could have lost out on a significant amount of money if no survivorship benefits were put into place.

When assessing damages in the wrongful death of an elderly person, the court will take these and other factors into place, including:

  • loss of companionship
  • loss of guidance
  • loss of affection
  • pain and suffering experienced by decendent

If you have lost an elderly family member in a wrongful death case, we urge you to seek legal advice from one of our experienced wrongful death attorneys at 952-361-5556 (or fill out the free Case Evaluation Form).  Our attorneys have the expertise and successful track record to fight for the compensation you deserve.


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