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Who is MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC? Is This A Scam?

MRS Associates is a third-party debt collection agency based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The agency was founded in 1991 and has more than five hundred employees. MRS Associates focuses on many types of debt from an array of industries in the United States, including the healthcare, telecom, retail, education, utilities, and financial services.

MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC has received many consumer complaints claiming Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations. Some consumer reviews have accused MRS of making false statements or representations in pursuit of debt collection. Other examples of alleged violations include attempting to collect a debt not owed, contacting a third-party and sharing information improperly, and improper communication tactics.

Nonetheless, MRS Associates is not a scam and they are in fact an authorized debt collection agency. MRS purchases packages of debt from banks and other businesses, and then tries to collect the debt from consumers. If MRS has contacted you, it is important that you learn your rights and how best to protect yourself before offering any response.

What Are Common Complaints Against MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC?

As of August 2019, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has received over 470 complaints related to the debt collection practices of MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC. Examples of common complaints against MRS include trying to collect a debt not owed and improper communication tactics.

The following two real-world examples of complaints against MRS Associates illustrate these types of alleged violations.

Consumer alleges MRS uses improper communication tactics
“MRS Associates contacted me claiming to represent XXXX. I immediately did three things. First, I disputed the debt. The claim is not valid. Second, I requested written verification of the debt. Third, I requested they NOT call me at my work. The person on the phone was pretty silent…”
Consumer alleges attempts to collect a debt not owed
“Today XX/XX/XXXX I was contacted by MRS about debt I owed XXXX that I never paid. I then contacted XXXX and they say I don’t owe them anything and they never contacted mrs to collect debt.”

What Actions Can MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC Legally Take Against Me? Can They Sue Me Or Garnish My Wages?

As a debt collector, MRS Associates is not legally allowed to threaten to sue you, or threaten to garnish your wages. They are allowed to contact you via phone, text, or mail. However MRS cannot call you at inappropriate times including before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.

Though they are not allowed to threaten lawsuit or wage garnishment, if you do not pay a valid debt owed to them, MRS may legally sue you in a court. If they get a default judgement against you in court, the judgement will state the amount you owe and allow them to garnish your wages for that amount. If you owe a debt to MRS Associates and are concerned with the possibility that they might garnish your wages, it would be wise to speak to an attorney before it gets to this point. Our attorneys have assisted countless consumers in fighting back against debt collector harassment and protecting themselves against wage garnishment. Contact us now to see if we can help you as well!

Please call 952-361-5556 now or fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form and one of our attorneys handling Debt Collector Harassment can evaluate your case. If we agree to handle your case, our attorney fees will be FREE to you and will be paid for by MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC.

What Should I Do If MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC Contacts Me? How Do I Stop MRS From Harassing Me?

The first step is to determine if MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC is in violation of your rights. Please refer to the following list:
  • MRS Associates is contacting you about about a debt which is not yours, or a debt amount which is more than you owe
  • MRS is unable to prove that the debt is owed by you
  • MRS is not authorized by the original creditor to collect the debt
  • MRS is making automated robocalls to your phone in order to collect
  • MRS is using inappropriate language, or trying to intimidate you.
  • MRS is accusing you of criminal behavior, or threatening to arrest you.
  • MRS is threatening you with negative credit reporting, lawsuit, or violence
  • MRS is calling you at work, or calling your friends, coworkers, and neighbors
  • MRS is calling you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • MRS is calling you many times per week

If any of the above applies to your situation, our attorneys can help! Tarshish Cody PLC represents consumers experiencing harassment from debt collectors like MRS Associates, and our attorneys are experienced in protecting your legal rights. If MRS is in violation of the FDCPA, we can not only make the debt collection calls stop, but our attorneys can sue MRS Associates  and recover up to $1,000 in statutory damages for your FDCPA claim. Furthermore, MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC would be required to pay your attorney fees and court costs.

Please call 952-361-5556 now or fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form and one of our attorneys handling Debt Collector Harassment can evaluate your case at no charge to you.

Is Your Law Firm Able To Assist Me In Filing A No Fee Lawsuit Against MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC?

If you are being harassed by MRS, we can help! The attorneys at Tarshish Cody PLC have filed many lawsuits against debt collectors like MRS Associates who are in violation of the FDCPA. Our clients have been awarded millions of dollars via these lawsuits.

What Do Our Clients Say?

“[Tarshish Cody PLC] helped us win a settlement from an aggressive debt collection company. [The law firm] was very professional and explained the process and the plan of action. We really didn’t have to do anything. Settlement was reached in a short amount of time. We recommend [Tarshish Cody PLC] to anyone seeking settlement from a debt collection company.”

“[Tarshish Cody PLC] won my case for me against the collection agency that was garnishing my wages. I was really stressed out & embarrassed about my situation, but [Tarshish Cody PLC] successfully sued [the collection agency] & they backed down; we settled out of court, they paid me my damage reward & stopped all garnishments. [Tarshish Cody PLC] went above & beyond for me & when I needed a competent professional who could deliver & be trusted, [Tarshish Cody PLC] was the law firm I needed.”

Can You Help Me Remove A MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC Account from My Credit Report?

Yes we are able to assist with this. Contact us now to learn more.

MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC Contact Info


1930 Olney Ave
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Phone: 888-334-5677

MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC Telephone Numbers

In trying to reach customers, MRS Associates calls from a multitude of phone numbers. Here is list of phone numbers from which consumers have reported getting calls from MRS, pertaining to debt collection:


How We Can Help

  • Stop The Harassment: All debt collection calls stop once you’ve retained Tarshish Cody, PLC.
  • Get up to $1,000: We can Sue and Recover up to $1,000 in statutory damages for your FDCPA claim
  • 100% Free Legal Assistance: Harassing Debt Collectors must pay our fees in FDCPA claims.

Tarshish Cody PLC represents consumers experiencing harassment from debt collectors like MRS Associates/MRS BPO LLC and our attorneys are experienced in protecting your legal rights. Our law firm understands how difficult it is for consumers who fall behind on bills, when pressured by harassment that is illegal and needs to cease. Dealing with harassment is a positive step in the process of managing your late payments or debt. Our attorneys can discuss remedies such as debt consolidation, short sales, bankruptcy, and more, but most importantly, we can get the harassment to stop.

Please call 952-361-5556 now or fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form and one of our attorneys handling Debt Collector Harassment can evaluate your case.

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